20+ Years Protecting Healthcare



Information Privacy & Security
Our operating policies and procedures have been developed and are maintained by our in-house Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO) and Certified HIPAA Compliance Office (CHCO).


Compliance Trained Techs
Our techs understand your related state and federal compliance requirements. As a Business Associate, we are obligated to operate under similar policies and know what to do, what not to do, what to document, and what issues to report to you.


Availability & Reliability
Compliance requirements may mandate that your information systems are always available. Our products and services support these critical operating environments.


Productivity & Improvements
We spend significant time researching relevant products and services to ensure you are presented with the best options for lowering costs, improving staff productivity, and reducing errors and waste.


Significant Cost Savings
By offering tailored repair and replacement options and all-inclusive support plans, you enjoy significant savings that are not usually available when using traditional pay-per-call services and fragmented support options.


Satisfaction Guaranteed
Providing Five-Star service is our goal. We will do everything in our power to ensure your complete satisfaction with the quality of our work.

Our services are provided under the direction of a Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO) and a Certified HIPAA Compliance Officer (CHCO).

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