In a Ransomware attack, the ransom may not be the expensive part

Ransomware attacks are bad however, the costs of your system and employees being idle while investigations and repairs are made can be way more costly than actual ransom payments.

Ransomware attacks are known for extortion. Pay the amount requested or else. These attacks work because either the amount of time to recover on your own is significant or the potential for data loss due to bad or not having backups is high. When deciding to pay the ransom seems like the best option, keep in mind that you are counting on a criminal to keep his word.

The cost of a business being "down" or idle varies from business to business. To determine the cost of being unable to do some or any work along with the costs to recover to normal operations, will require analysis.

To minimize the negative impacts of a Ransomware attack, there are certain mitigating actions that can be put into place. A business continuity and disaster recovery plan that's ready to be put into use is first and foremost. Having this in place alone will go a long way to minimizing the impact of an attack.

What should be in this plan?

  1. Technologies for disaster recovery that performs a continuously-mirrored restore.
  2. Technologies that support reverting to a previously backed-up point-in-time without having to reformat or re-partition storage drives.
  3. Technologies that can rapidly spin up a virtualized environment in the cloud or on-premise.
  4. Ransomware detection capabilities that includes automated post-event ransomware scanning and other verifications that let you know whenever ransomware is detected.
  5. Two-factor authentication security features built into backup data access which prevents ransomware attacks from compromising the ability to restore the backups.
  6. Cloud-based backups that are off-site, secure, and replicated enable fast recovery from disasters.

At Syntricity Networks, our solutions for our customers include not only assistance with preventing ransomware attacks, but also preparing for and if necessary helping with, restoring operations quickly.

Contact us today for an analysis of what the potential costs to your organization may be of being unable to fully conduct business as well as and how you can minimize disruption as a result of a cyber-attack.

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This post is based on the article, Downtime Can Be Far More Costly Than Ransom which was originally posted by Datto. Syntricity is a Datto partner.

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