Keep laptops secure at all times

Remind remote workers to keep their laptops secure at all times.


Here's a list of immediate first steps.

  1. If working in a high-traffic area, laptops should be secured to prevent damage or theft.
    1. If a laptop security lock is not available, it should be kept in a desk or cabinet that locks when not in use.
    2. At a minimum keep the device out-of-sight when unattended.
  2. Access to the laptop should be protected with a unique username and hard-to-guess password.
  3. Encrypting the stored data is a must for devices with protected health information or other sensitive data. This can be done within the device or with software.
  4. Finally, location tracking is available for most newer laptops. For devices that are frequently on the move, this is a must.
  5. There are many other information security measures a company should put in place before any data is allowed to be stored on a mobile device regardless of where it will be used.

 We have more information on the above and a checklist we can share. Just send a note.


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