Cybersecurity is not the first thing users think about

Employees that are working from home may not give much thought to the company's or even their own information security. A remote worker's day may consist of sitting at a dining room table helping their kids with schoolwork while asking them to be very quiet as they participate in an online meeting. Keep in mind, your staff may be new to using remote work platforms and video conferencing applications, all of which have their own specific security concerns. And then when you add reading emails, making calls, and processing data others are waiting on, all without the resources typically available at the office, it's easy to understand why cybersecurity is not the first thing they are thinking about.


Another list of reasons why someone has to,

  1. focus on overall organizational information security.
  2. provide all workers with ongoing cybersecurity awareness training and testing.

 We have work-from-home ideas and resources we can share if you don’t already have something in place.


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